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  1. Winter brings many challenges to our skin that can make it dry, flaky and dull. Central heating, cold air and wind combine to dehydrate our skin and make it feel much dryer than usual.  This can exacerbate existing skin issues like Rosacea, Excema and hormonal acne.

    I am no stranger to the Winter Skin blues which you may think is odd for someone with their own skincare company.  After a busy run up to Christmas my skincare regime if I ever really have one is pretty non existant and January tends to be when I realise how badly I have neglected my skin and general health.

    With the start of a New Year where we hope to talk to you all more and give you more knowledge about natural skincare, soap and natural cleaning, now felt like the perfect time to talk about how best to combat winter skin.

    Here are my top tips for fighting winter skin:

    1)  HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!: This is one we all know but often neglect.  Water is the skins friend and drinking enough water helps in all areas of health.  Caffeine, Alcohol and Foods high is salt draw moisture from the skin.  If you are taking part in Dry January why not try something a little different as a special weekend drink.  Here in Clovelly we have the owner of Raw Water Kefir company PIQI and her naturally sparkling Kefir is the perfect gut and skin treat in January. 


    2) NUTRITION: Food is also key in improving our skin from the inside out and what perfect time than January to eat some healthy skin loving food.  

    • Good fats like Salmon, Avocado, Chia Seeds & Nuts
    • Eat the Rainbow including food high in Beta Carotene like Carrots, Sweet Potato and Bell Peppers.
    • B7 or Biotin is needed for the metabolism of fatty acids and protects cells from damage and water loss, helping to keep your skin moist and plump. This can be found in Egg Yolks, Oats, Salmon and Hemp seeds.
    • Zinc deficiency can cause dry and cracked skin - Eat Rye/Wheat sprouts, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds to get more Zinc.
    • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to add water to your diet

    3) CLEANSE:  Skin cleansing is a hot topic in skincare and many people shy away from soap on the face.  Personally as a soap maker it is the product I turn to for my whole body from Hair to Toes.  I have combination skin so my go to soap for the face is our Honey & Oat Facial Soap (also great for hair and body).  Honey is a humectant which means it draws moisture from the air to your skin and the glycerin in our soaps asks in the same way.  This combined with oats that have been used for centuries on the skin make a wonderful gentle exfoliating soap that does not dry the skin.   If you have oily skin then our Patchouli & Orange Charcoal facial soap is ideal.

    clovelly soap co-09

    Oil cleansing is a great alternative to soap if you want to remove dirt and makeup gently.  I am a huge fan of products that serve many purposes and our Hair, Face and Body oil can be used as a skin cleanser, Hair Conditioner, Body Oil & Facial oil.   A little goes a long way and a bottle lasts for months which makes it one of my favourite budget skin products.

    5) MOISTURISE: Winter is the time to up the moisturising game and use something richer and in particular a night product that you can put on and sleep with.  Our Skin Balms are rich and nourishing and as the main ingredient is MeadowFoam Seed oil they sink into the skin not leaving it greasy.

    6) EXFOLIATE: When skin is dry and flaky there is a tempation to exfoliate to remove the dead and dry skin, in the winter this can cause more damage if you use a harsh exfoliant.  Oats make a great gentle exfoliant and if you have any dried beans in the cupboard you can grind them finely and use as a gentle natural scrub.

    7) TONE:  After you have cleansed, it is time to use a natural toner to wet the skin and close the pores before adding your chosen moisturiser.  Our new Organic Floral Water Toners can be used after washing and through the day to combat dry air.

    I hope this has given  you some ideas for ways to manage dry winter skin and to help you on the path to great skin we have a Winter Skin Sale until the end of January with 20% off a huge range of skin pampering products.



    Living on this amazing coast means we have access to foraged ingredients with fantastic properties like Seaweed.   This time of year I love to wander along the beach at Clovelly or Bucks Mills and collect Kelp and Bladderwrack for our massively popular Seaweed soaps.  Kelp is in long flat strips often on a stalk and sometimes dried for cattle as a nutrient filled winter snack.  In terms of cosmetics it is high in antioxidents and anti-inflammatory as well as being high in minerals like Iodine which are great for the skin.  We only use a small amount in soap but it can be used as a face mask as well to really get the skin benefits

    We air dry the seaweed and then oven dry on low to really remove the moisture, seaweed is a humectant that draws moisture from the air so it needs to be well dried before it can be used in skincare.  Once dry we break it up and pop in a coffee grinder to make a find exfoliating powder to use is soaps.

    If you wanted to get the amazing skin benefits in a more direct way you can make powdered seaweed into a quick face mask:

    • 2 Teaspoons of seaweed powder
    • 2 teaspoons of  Pink, Green or White Clay
    • 1 teaspoon of an oil of your choice like Castor oil, Almond oil or Olive oil
    • 2 teaspoons of distilled water
    • 1 Teaspoon of Honey
    • 6 drops of essential oils of your choice - We love 3 drops each of Rosemary & Lavender

    Stir the dry ingredients together with a non metalic utensil (clay reacts with metal)

    Add water and stir until lump free, add the oil, honey & essential oils to make a smooth paste and if needed add a bit more oil.

    To use add a a thin layer to damp face and neck with a brush avoiding  your eye area, leave for 15-20 minutes and then remove with a damp cloth and add a rose water spritz and a moisturiser of choice

    If irritation occurs discontinue use

    Enjoy the amazing benefits of natures bounty and take a walk on a beach