Branded Soap & Candles

Bespoke Branding

The Clovelly Soap Company has a successful brand focusing on high-quality, handmade, natural products and beautifully designed packaging. We love our soap and candles! With simple, classic labelling, the name of Clovelly is distinctive and well-known throughout the UK and beyond, giving us a strong presence.

However, if you are looking to create or extend your own brand, or for branded promotional gifts for clients and customers, we can help. We offer confidence in natural, luxury products that comply with all necessary regulations and match your own branding in style.

Options for your own Product Range

Our in-house branding options include simple design work, from a basic label amendment incorporating your company name to a complete redesign, which includes sourcing unique packaging and assisting with your label sourcing.

We print our simple labels and package our products in-house which keeps costs down. This allows small businesses to buy in a fully branded product with a reasonable minimum order. If you wish to design your own labels and packaging we can provide a simple wrapping service for you, sending out products ready for sale.  

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase quantities of unbranded soap and candles to brand under your own name and package yourself. If so, we offer correct labelling information to ensure compliance with all current legal regulations and register the products for you on the UK Portal for a small fee.

We love our own brand, but we also love the challenges and results of designing ranges and promotional gifts for others. For more information, or for a quote please contact us.  Please contact for a brochure and a personalised quote

Branded promotional gifts

Are you a PR or marketing company that needs promotional gifts for clients and events?  We can design small promotional soaps or candles in small or large quantities. Please contact for a portfolio of our projects, more information or a quote.


Bespoke Soap and Candle formulation

If you are looking for your own bespoke soaps, skincare or candles we can offer formulation and product development services.  I am able to offer my 17 years experience in the industry running an award winning soap company and teaching soap and product making.  

If you dream of having your own soap range developed or a range of Aromatherapy Candles and don't have the time to learn or make yourself then contact me to discuss your project and my availability and costs.