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Course Calender



Saturday 1st         Advanced Soap Making  FULL

Saturday 8th        Natural Skincare  FULL

Saturday 29th      Soap Making  FULL



Saturday 7th       Candle Making 1 Place

Saturday 14th       Business 1-2-1 Private

Friday 20th           Business 1-2-1 Private

Sunday 22nd        Plastic Free Living  5 places



Saturday 4th         Soap Making 1 Place

Sunday 19th         Advanced Soap Making 3 Places

Saturday 25th      Soap, Candle & Bath  1 Place



Saturday 9th        Candle Making 6 places

Friday 15th            Soap making  2 places

Sunday 24th          Plastic Free Living 6 Places



Saturday 6th          Soap making  8 Places

Saturday 20th        Natural Perfumery 8 Places

Sunday 28th           Natural products 8 Places



Saturday 4th       Candle making 8 Places

Friday 17th           Soap Makinng 8 Places



Sunday 16th           Soap Making 8 Places



Saturday 12th        Soap, Candle & Bath Taster Day 8 Places

Friday 18th             Candle Making 8 Places

Sunday 27th          Plastic Free Living 8 Places



Sunday 4th            Soap Making 8 Places

Friday 9th                Advanced Soap making 6 Places

Saturday 17th          Natural Products 8 Places

Sunday 25th            Natural Perfumery 8 Places



Saturday 7th            Soap, Candles & Bath 8 Places

Sunday 15th            Soap Making 8 Places

Saturday 28th         Candles Making  8 Places